Boilermakers Apprenticeships

As an apprentice Boilermaker you are trained in skills such as blueprint reading, rigging, burning, welding, geometric layout, fit up, fabrication of metal parts, and safely working in tight spaces and high places. Training in all these areas ensures a well-qualified workforce.

What is Rigging? Proficient Rigging skills are critical to safely handle and erect the materials produced. As an apprentice Boilermaker you will learn proper rigging both in classroom training modules and hands on. This ensures safety awareness and efficiency on the jobsite.

Welding-Boilermaker Apprentice welders are trained at facilities throughout the western United States. Through the MOST Common Arc Program. As an apprentice you will be tested, qualified, and certified before welding on a jobsite.

What kind of job will you have? Boilermakers work in power plants, refineries, dams, storage tanks, and pressure vessels throughout the western United States. A major portion of boilermaker work is performed at great heights; often from 200-1000 feet above ground. This work is by nature an outside job which means exposure to all types of weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold.

Why should I become a Boilermaker? This profession can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those who enjoy hands-on work with tools and machinery.

Approximate Boilermaker Wages typically start from $41,830 and go up to $82,330.

Beginner level: $20.11/ hr

Junior level: $22.42/hr

Mid- level: $32.40/hr

Senior level: $36.96/ hr

Top level: $39.58/ hr

How the Apprenticeship works:

Complete a minimum of 6,000 hours apprenticeship program of on-the-job training, usually takes four years.

Complete 600 hours of classroom instruction, online self-study lessons, hands- on shop training, and on-the-job modules.

Boilermaker Apprenticeship Opportunities

Western States Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program

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Phone: 509-489-1891