Electrician Apprenticeships

Electricians are tradespeople whose responsibilities are to design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems. These systems can be in homes, commercial or industrial buildings, and even in machines and large pieces of equipment. Electricians work both inside and outside to make possible the use of lights, televisions, industrial equipment, appliances, and many other essential items.

What else can you learn as an electrical apprentice?

You will also learn how to read blueprints, telecommunications wiring, solar panel installation and wiring, electrical code, and updates, as well as learn the newest technologies in electrical advances.

Interested in Construction Wireman program?

The Construction Wireman program is an apprenticeship prep program, and a great way of getting industry experience, without making the commitment to an apprenticeship if you are still on the fence if this is the career pathway for you. Get paid while you explore the trade and meet with an apprenticeship director throughout the process.

What are the duties of an Electrical Apprentice:

Planning and initiating projects

Establishing temporary power during construction

Establishing grounding systems

Installing electrical service to building and other structures

Establishing power distribution within a project

Planning and installing raceway systems

Installing new wiring and repairing old wiring

How to apply for electrical apprenticeship?

Must be 18 years of age or older

Have a valid Drivers License

Have High School Diploma or GED

Complete one (1) full year of algebra

Copy of DD214 (military service)

*If you have not taken algebra course or cannot provide proof via High School transcripts you will need to take a course. Please reach out to Apprenticeship Director for assistance.

Once you have gathered all materials, please contact your Apprenticeship Director for further instruction on how to complete your application for Electrical apprenticeship in your area.

Review requirements of State Apprenticeship License Application required with Apprenticeship Program


Electrician Apprenticeship Opportunities

Northern Idaho Inland Empire Electrical JATC

3210 E Ferry Ave
Spokane, WA 99202


Southwest Idaho Southwestern Idaho Electrical JATC

12302 W. Explorer Dr., STE 130
Boise, Idaho 83713


Eastern/Central Idaho Eastern Idaho Electrical JATC

8450 South 5th Ave.
Pocatello, ID 83204