Masonry Apprenticeships

What is a Cement Mason?

Cement Masons are responsible for all concrete construction, including pouring and finishing
of slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, paving, pervious and other concrete construction. They handle magnesite, epoxy, polymer and other plastic materials for topping repair and injection. Cement Masons are responsible for all preparation and repairing of concrete. They also set forms and pins for slabs, steps, curbs and gutters, and paving.

What are the Working Conditions

Cement Mason work is a physically demanding skill, requiring substantial bending and heavy lifting and is performed outdoors. Being physically capable of performing all phases of the trade is vital to the work of a Cement Mason.

Be willing to travel and have reliable transportation. Cement Masons need to be able to jump from various job locations on a daily basis, if necessary.

How Does the Apprenticeship Work?

The apprenticeship is done in two parts:

On the job training – On the job training provides actual working scenario. The motto of such training is “learning by doing.” Apprentices are trained at the work site while he or she is doing the actual job. Usually, a Journeyman serves as the hands-on
trainer for the Apprentice and often supports and provides the practical application towards mastering their skills.

Related (Classroom) training- Related training is crucial for our Apprentices and Journeymen. Classroom training is at the Mason Trades Building. Many times, related training duplicates the actual working conditions. The classroom setting allows Apprentices to pay more attention to the activities and projects. Thus, making them more confident when returning to the job site.

The average annual pay for a Mason in Idaho is $50,842 a year. That works out to be approximately $24.44 an hour. Which is equivalent to $977/week or $4,236/month.

Idaho average salary for a Mason can range from $24,609-73,334, with most Mason Tradesworkers’ salaries ranging between $41,834-$66,935 annually in Idaho.

How the Apprenticeship Works:

Must be 18 years of age

Must have a valid driver’s license

Reliable transportation

High school diploma or GED equivalent

*Employer may also require a drug test.

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