Youth Apprenticeships

What is a Youth Apprenticeship Program?

It’s never too early for middle school students to start thinking about their future careers and learn how an apprenticeship can serve as a foundation for jumpstarting their careers. Today’s youth can get a head start as early as 16 on building their future, by entering a School To Registered Apprenticeship, STRAP, youth apprenticeship program.

STRAP provides the foundation for youth to choose among multiple pathways – to enroll in college, begin full-time employment, or a combination. It is a rigorous education option that combines theoretical learning with practical learning that focuses on career and education objectives. It is a direct path to high paying, in demand jobs.

STRAP Apprentices split their time between traditional high school classes and the workplace. This takes place as early as their junior year or when they are 16 years of age. By the conclusion of the program, students should have:

Meaningful work experience

A recognized industry certification

A professional network

Opportunity to earn debt-free college credit

If you feel a STRAP is right for you or your child. Contact your school career counselor and/or an Apprenticeship Director and ask about STRAP youth apprenticeships.

Get your middle schoolers thinking about life after high school, because no two paths look alike. Use Idaho Apprenticeships partner Next Steps as early as 8th grade to get ready for the big time, and get you prepared for the right adventure.


Youth Apprenticeship Opportunities

Idaho Business for Education Youth Apprenticeship Program

877 W. Main Street
Boise, ID 83702


Sheet Metal STRAP Pocatello & Southeast Sheet Metal Workers JATC

308 S. Main Street
Firth, Idaho 83236


Sheet Metal STRAP Southwest Central Idaho Sheet Metal Workers JATC

5682 Albatros St
Boise, ID 83705