Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

What is a Sheet Metal Apprentice?

A Sheet Metal Worker fabricates, assembles, and installs metal products and equipment in buildings to control the temperature and environmental air quality for the comfort of the occupants. Sheet Metal workers also build and install decorative metal components on the outside of building to protect them from the weather. They use hand and power tools, measuring instruments, unique calculators, and specialty machines to cut, bend, shape, form and fasten parts into units and assemblies. They use welding, soldering, brazing, and riveting to assemble and install components. They inspect and service sheet metal installations, air handling equipment and indoor air quality equipment.


What are the Working Conditions?

Sheet Metal workers are on a project where there is structural framework to support the ductwork. Occasionally, sheet metal workers are required to work in a trench assembling ductwork that will be buried under a concrete floor. They may also be on the outside of a building installing architectural sheet metal to waterproof a building.

Sheet Metal work requires both physical and mental skills. Physically being able to climb ladders, work in close, tight places, or high open places, stand on hard surfaces for extensive periods of time, carry 50lbs up a ladder, and work outdoors in all weather conditions. A doctor’s certificate of examination may be required.

A Sheet Metal worker should have an interest in mechanical aptitude and be willing to work with hand and power tools.
A Sheet Metal worker must have the willingness to learn and work with others and alone.

Sheet metal workers earn an average yearly salary of $46,740. Wages typically start from $30,130 and go up to $62,400.

Beginner level: $14.49/hr

Junior level: $18.03/hr

Mid-level: $22.471/hr

Senior level: $25.97/hr

Top level: $30.00/hr

What are the requirements to Apply for the Apprenticeship?

18 years of age or older

Must have a valid driver’s license

Reliable transportation

High school diploma or GED equivalent

Drug testing is required before acceptance

Ask an Apprenticeship Director about Sheet Metal School to Registered Apprenticeship Programs (STRAP) Youth Program

Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Opportunities

Northern Idaho Sheet Metal Workers Local 55

7209 E Trent Ave, Suite 1
Spokane, WA 92212


Southwest Idaho Sheet Metal Workers Local 55

5628 W Albatros St,
Boise, Idaho 83705


Eastern Idaho Sheet Metal Workers Local 103

308 S Main St
Firth, Idaho 83236