Tree Trimmer Apprenticeship

Tree Trimmers engage in a variety of tree maintenance operations that include tree pruning, tree removal, and brush cleaning performed in areas where high voltage power lines are energized. Safety is of the upmost importance. 

Is a Tree Trimmer Apprenticeship Right for Me?

 According to the Enhanced Guide for Occupational Exploration, to do this kind of work, one must be able to: work outside for long periods of time and in all kinds of weather, performing tasks that require physical strength and endurance; follow instructions exactly; adjust to doing the same kind of work all day long or performing a variety of different tasks on the same day depending on daily business needs; and work quickly and skillfully with hands. 

What are the tasks of a Tree Trimmer? 

  • Removes branches interfering encroaching on communication or high voltage electric power lines using climbing equipment or bucket from extended truck boom.
  • Prunes trees using chainsaws, hydraulic saws, extension pole saw or pruners, or other hand tools.
  • Fells trees and cuts limbs from felled trees using chainsaws or other hand tools.
  • Hoists tools and equipment to Tree Trimmer and lowers branches by rope.
  • Carries or drags brush; and piles up wood debris and brush.
  • Feeds brush into shredding or chipping machine.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Removes limbs from trees using hooked extension pole or other hand tools.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

  • Completed online application (No Application Fee)
  • Must be able to obtain valid Class B Commercial Driver’s (CDL) Permit with no Class E restrictions within 90 days of employment
  • Must be able to obtain valid First Aid/CPR Certification within 45 days of employment
  • Must be able to obtain valid Flagger Certification within 90 days of employment
  • Official high school transcript or equivalent (GED/HSED)
  • Valid Driver’s License, 18 or older

Tree Trimmer Apprenticeship Expected Wages

Values are within $2/hr


Steps to Completion Percentage of
Journeyman wage

Hourly rate for Idaho & Washington 

Pay Scale approx within $2

1 65% $33.81 $21.97
2 75% $33.81 $25.35
3 80% $33.81 $27.04
4 90% $33.81 $30.42

*Apprentices and Joureyworkers can increase their rate of pay by testing and acquiring a pesticide license.

Tree Trimmer Apprenticeship Opportunities


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