Powerline Clearance/ Tree Trimming Apprenticeship

As an apprentice Tree Trimmer you will train to use both powered and hand tools and use bucket trucks and heavy equipment. You will learn to use ropes and rigging in this skilled trade as well. A line clearance tree trimmer engages in a variety of tree maintenance operations including tree pruning, tree removal, and brush clearing. Much of this work is done in the vicinity of high voltage, energized power lines. As an apprentice in this trade, you must remain alert, and aware of extreme hazards always associated with such work.

Tree Trimmers work includes climbing and heavy lifting. It is usually performed at heights of 20-100 feet. Tree Trimmers must display physical agility and coordination such as: stable, dependable, cooperative, physically active, and have a well- controlled temperament.

What kind of job will you have?

Power line clearance tree trimmers work exclusively outdoors, often in inclement weather. Their work includes clean-up operations during and after storms and other natural disasters. They must be willing to travel between cities in the northwest.

Why should I become a Tree Trimmer?

This profession can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those who enjoy hands-on work with tools and machinery.

What you need to Apply:

High School diploma or GED

Valid Driver’s License (must be 18 years old or older)

Complete online application for apprenticeship

Strongly Recommended but not Required:

First Aid/CPR Certification (online Certifications are not accepted)

Flagging Traffic Control Certification

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or CDL Permit

Industry related certifications- Pesticide, crane Operator, etc.

*Ask your Apprenticeship Coordinator for help in obtaining these when applying

Approximate wages for a Tree Trimmer typically start at $48,768 and can go up to $65,030

Beginner level: $25.40/hr

Junior level: $27.09/hr

Mid-level: $28.79/hr

Senior level: $30.48/hr

Top level: $33.87/hr

How the Apprenticeship works:

Apply for the apprenticeship

Complete 4,000 hours on the job training

Complete and attend classroom instruction

Powerline Clearance/Tree Trimming Apprenticeship Opportunities

Idaho Northwest Line Jatc

9817 NE 54th St, Suite 101
Vancouver, WA 98662